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Are you ready to ditch the endless cycle of anxiety,
stress, frustration and burnout,
holding you back
from living your best life?

Our clients call it a code for awakening.
Learn to still your mind. Open your heart. And be present in your body.


Delivered over 12 months as comprehensive training, coaching and mutual learning, this is our signature Self-Love offering. It is designed to provide the step-by-step formula you need to consistently choose self-love and peace, no matter what is going on in your life.

Many clients see it as “a code for awakening”.

Why do we call it “Game of Life”? Its uniquely gamified approach will keep you engaged, motivated and challenged throughout the entire journey.

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"I suffered from severe depression and a history of drug abuse, failed relationships and a dead-end career. I knew somehow there must be another way I just did not know how. Game of Life showed me a simple formula, a set of rules if you will.  As a result of applying these rules, today I get to show up out of a space of love first and foremost for myself and because I get to show up this way for myself, I get to experience loving relationships with those around me. I have shifted my perception from one of fear to one of love, which means I get to experience the joy of being. "Game of Life” has been invaluable in my search for the light." ~ Quentin

Are you ready to get unstuck and truly see yourself?

Say goodbye to exhaustion, chronic pain, fear and depression. 
Say hello to energy, joy and passion with a kick ass formula that shows you EXACTLY how to undo the blocks to your freedom, happiness, love and abundance in every moment.
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Pillar 1:

Understanding the Game of Life


First, we are going to help you finally see the Game of Life, the rules, and why it’s been tripping you up.  


Core topics: 


  • No fluff, no bullsh*t steps to change your MIND and choose Love over fear

  • How to give to yourself and practice authentic Self-Love

  • Secrets and strategies to experiencing love, joy and peace NO MATTER WHAT

This is how it works

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Pillar 2:

Get to know your Self

Next, we are going to show you what’s been keeping you stuck


Core topics here are:


  • Taking stock of what is good enough for you

  • What you deserve and what’s important to you

  • We look at your conscious and subconscious values 

  • And do an energy audit to see where you’re leaking your personal power

Mockup - Module 3.png

Pillar 3:

The Metaphysics

Now, we’re going to give you a user manual to your mind and show you how to apply the universal laws so you live them rather than understand them.


This pillar’s core topics:


  • The user manual to your mind 

  • 5 universal laws and how they all come down to ONE

  • The formula to LIVE these laws and experience for yourself what we're showing you

Mockup - Module 4.png

Pillar 4:

The Trickster


Now we will help you increase your self-awareness and with it the tools to hold onto into your personal power (rather than give it to your ego)


This pillar’s core topics:


  • We expose the ego for the Trickster he is 

  • Our no bullshit, use anytime, anywhere INSTANT survival kit to outsmart him

  • Our 6-step formula for reprogramming the subconscious mind for self-love 

Mockup - Module 5.png

Pillar 5:

The Reprogramming


At this point we’ve done a lot of work and made a lot of acknowledgements. Now comes the exciting part. We’re going to help you finally let go of all these limiting beliefs, patterns, habits and behaviours that have been sabotaging your happiness for so many years.  


This week’s core topics:

  • Why you do the things you do
  • Understanding the needs that drive you and how to truly meet them
  • How to build a relationship with yourself
  • Aligning your conscious and subconscious values

Mockup - Module 6.png

Pillar 6:

Another Way of Being


Finally, we show you how to live another way as you experience what it means to truly love yourself. In each moment you practice you build confidence and certainty in your Self to step into your personal power and redefine what you deserve.


Core topics: 


  • How to live happily with an open heart and mind

  • Redefine what is good enough for and what you deserve

  • The secret to living in acceptance

  • The gratitude effect and experiencing true freedom

Our program is designed to meet you where you're at and ensure you experience transformation and lasting change.

Game of Life really helped me understand that the ego is in the mind. I found out the game is in me! I learnt how to be an observer and choose to not respond to it and listen to my higher self. I am more loving to myself and I now know I am responsible for my own happiness." ~ Luyanda

Here's what you get and how it works...

comprehensive training. Coaching, practices, AND theory designed to facilitate the awakening of your mind to peace.
4 x monthly private
60 min coaching sessions.
Online course packed with all the metaphysics, strategies, exercises, videos & worksheets you need to cultivate greater self-awareness & presence.
A private 120 min onboarding session to get super clear on what YOU want and how we're going to support you in getting there
Personalised emails with content relevant to you during our journey together.
A 90-min follow up support session to be used anytime after our journey together has ended.
"This course has given me more certainty and trust in myself… that I am good enough and I am already love. I don't connect much with the self-love world because it's very important to understand which self you're loving. To love your true self you must first undo the blocks to the awareness of love's presence, and the ego does not like to be exposed. I needed the support through my own resistance and judgments as I let the blocks come up to be healed. Today my state of mind is clear. When I have judgments I don't get stuck, I let them go. I feel at peace." ~ Monika
Value $9,997
Today's Investment
Payment Plan

(12 months)
Buy Now
We support you in cleaning out the old and building new habits, behaviours & patterns that result in healthy, loving and abundant relationships in all areas of your life.


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"This experience really jump-started my recovery. It exceeded my expectations. It offered practical tools and exercises that I could implement at home on my own. (I apply them every day!) I went from feeling my life was over to feeling that my life has just begun.  I went from trying to shut out the world to wanting to welcome it back in.


I have learned how to accept and listen to my feelings, both positive and negative, and to express them. I have learned to grieve what I have lost and to start dreaming again for the future. 

I still struggle at times, and I feel like I will always be on this path of growth.  The difference now is that I have tools to deal with any episodes, and I am able to respond in much more effective, mature and loving ways." ~ Kayleigh

P.S. Usually we get a couple of questions about this program, so we thought we'd simplify things and answer them here:

What will I get from this course?

First and foremost, let us be clear. This is a formula for developing your own genuine Self-Love practise.

That is, it works when practised.

The good news is that it does not take long. In reality, it may and does occur in an instant, every time you choose it.

As you work the formula and get fit for life, your self-awareness increases, and you will experience numerous natural benefits of a new and healthy way of being:

🤍 Anxiety clears up
🤍Stress levels go down
🤍Natural joy goes up
🤍Addictions naturally break
🤍Your energy levels improve
🤍Overall health improves
🤍Relationships become more loving
🤍Experience clarity & certainty within yourself
🤍Let go of unhealthy habits, behaviours & patterns

Guys, we are just getting to know each other. How can I trust you?

Totally get it! We’ve both invested in coaches before and didn’t see great results, so we totallyyy get it. We believe this program is truly the missing piece and will help you make huge shifts in every area of your life. We want you to feel extra safe working with us.


This is why we have the world’s best guarantee. You want results and we are here to support you. That means we’re as invested in you as you are. This is not a magic wand but it is a formula that works if you do it. We’re here for you and as long as you show up and do your work, we will show up with you and continue to support you until you experience another way.


We love this program and have put our heart and soul into it. If you join this program and say YES to YOU, we promise you will LOVE it.

Will this work for me?

Yes, it will work for you. Over the past 23 years, Renier has helped people like you make radical shifts and breakthroughs in their life.


The reason it works for everyone is that everyone’s subconscious mind is the same. Everyone’s experience is different, which is where we get caught up.


This is not a “cookie-cutter” approach, but it does look at the problem holistically, every time. To do this it delivers a clear, concise, simple truth together with a LOT of modalities and principles, to be completely flexible and customisable for YOU and your unique needs.


In other words, for the first time ever you will actually have a way of looking at things differently. Not only that, but your new way of looking at things points you back to the CAUSE of the problem, every time, which means now you can actually experience another way.


It’s a beautiful thing, truth. It is true no matter what, otherwise it would not be true.


We’re going to be working with you to make sure this works for YOU.

I am worried I can’t afford this. What should I do?

We get it! We have BOTH been through times with NO money. Each time, we broke through by investing in ourselves.


When Kathryn hired her first coach she was $50k in debt and had almost nothing in the bank, but she backed herself and made a plan for the money and within 6-months, she was debt-free.


The point? Thinking you can’t afford it, is exactly the problem we want to solve, and backing yourself anyway shows your readiness to actually make radical shifts in your life.

There are many ways to make a plan with money and if you really want this, we want to help you! If you think you can't afford it, let's connect and talk about a way together.

Money is simply energy. Let's help you see that.

How fast can I expect to see results?

This is our favourite question to answer because we LOVE the answer we are able to give you (and we’re super freaking proud of the answer, too!)


You can see results (AKA be more loving to yourself) as fast as you want to.


We’re not kidding.

Let's share Natasja’s story with you.


Natasja came to Renier and said, ‘I want to get out of this dark place I’m in. I am stuck in my hurt, sadness and anger and the only escape I have is through alcohol. It is destroying my life and my work. I have tried so many things and just cannot let go. Can you help me?’


I said, 'Yes! When you REALLY want this, and you apply yourself, this work will completely change your life!


And it did.


Natasja attended our 3-day Game of Life intensive.  She went all in and opened her mind to the reprogramming techniques we did together. In 3-days she had a powerful shift in her personal energy and general mood. She stopped drinking, broke her heart wide open and started showing up for herself, redefining what is good enough for her. 


Not long ago, she sent us a photo with this testimonial...


Natasja's story

"They say a journey of a 100 miles starts with a single step…


That I have found to be absolutely true.


For a very long time, I felt lost and the only thing I knew was that alcohol ran my life.

I could not see myself without it. I have tried so many things but I could not get myself to finally let go. Alcohol gave me everything I thought I needed.

But I lost all self-esteem, self-respect, I lost my morals, my voice and I can go on about everything I had lost because I made alcohol my everything.


I met Renier a few years ago and had a meeting with him. He hold me that if I attended his 3-day course I will walk out a different person. Well, my first thought was it took me 30 years to mess my life up, how is he possibly going to ‘fix’ me in 3 days?


However, I decided to go in wholeheartedly and with an open mind.


It was an amazing journey which completely turned my life around.


I have been sober without any relapses for over 4 years now. I got back everything I have lost and so much more. I missed the sober me so much while I was an active alcoholic and be honest, I never did get her back… what I did get back was a person I never thought I could be… so much better. I adore the person I am now. She was hidden for so very long.


The tools I was given by Renier is priceless and I am eternally grateful for all the time, energy but most of all love he gave me when I couldn’t even love or like myself.


These are my license photos from before and then a few years after… I don’t just see the difference, but I feel it every day.


I am…


Natasja Grateful Van Der Merwe"

Are you ready to transform your life
from ordinary to extraordinary?

Benefits of an authentic
Self-Love practice

🤍Experience more happiness more often

🤍Experience more inner peace more often

🤍Experience less conflict (inside and outside yourself)

🤍 Listen to yourself

🤍Communicate more lovingly and effectively

🤍Experience confidence and certainty

🤍 Know you are enough


🤍Free yourself from the past

🤍Let go easily and accept what is with an open heart

🤍Take more inspired action with abundant energy

🤍Laugh more easily

🤍Improve your sleep

🤍Clear up niggly or longstanding health issues

🤍Look younger (anti-aging from the inside)

"This program completely changed my life. It wasn’t a one-hit wonder. It really forced me to learn to pause, which is easier said than done. Today I can see how all this chasing and desire to be better is just a trap.

The experience I gained was so important because I could not have, even if I wanted to, navigate my way out of the stuckness that I was in.

It's not that Game of Life takes your life circumstances and challenges away so it's all rainbows and sunshine. Not at all. It changes your perspective. So life didn’t change but I did, and because I could change other things were able to change for me. Some good some bad. But the "bad things" I could handle with grace. I've learnt to fail successfully, from the perspective of love." ~ Elzette




Don't settle for a life of stress, anxiety, and self-doubt. Join us now and start your journey towards a life of inner peace, happiness, and fulfillment.
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