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A code for awakening.
Still your mind. Open your heart. Be present in your body.


Our signature Self-Love Practice is a step-by-step formula that shows you exactly how we consistently choose self-love & peace,
even with the ego screaming and shouting at us to choose fear —
No matter what is going on in life!

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Learn to live in the NOW in ACCEPTANCE of what is, with an OPEN HEART & MIND.

A formula that shows you EXACTLY how to undo the blocks to your freedom, happiness, love and abundance in every moment.

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Pillar 1:

Understanding the Game of Life


First, we are going to help you finally see the Game of Life, the rules, and why it’s been tripping you up.  


Core topics: 


  • No fluff, no bullsh*t steps to change your MIND and choose Love over fear

  • How to give to yourself and practice authentic Self-Love

  • Secrets and strategies to experiencing love, joy and peace NO MATTER WHAT

This is how it works

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Pillar 2:

Get to know your Self

Next, we are going to show you what’s been keeping you stuck


Core topics here are:


  • Taking stock of what is good enough for you

  • What you deserve and what’s important to you

  • We look at your conscious and subconscious values 

  • And do an energy audit to see where you’re leaking your personal power

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Pillar 3:

The Metaphysics

Now, we’re going to give you a user manual to your mind and show you how to apply the universal laws so you live them rather than understand them.


This pillar’s core topics:


  • The user manual to your mind 

  • 5 universal laws and how they all come down to ONE

  • The formula to LIVE these laws and experience for yourself what we're showing you

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Pillar 4:

The Trickster


Now we will help you increase your self-awareness and with it the tools to hold onto into your personal power (rather than give it to your ego)


This pillar’s core topics:


  • We expose the ego for the Trickster he is 

  • Our no bullshit, use anytime, anywhere INSTANT survival kit to outsmart him

  • Our 6-step formula for reprogramming the subconscious mind for self-love 

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Pillar 5:

The Reprogramming


At this point we’ve done a lot of work and made a lot of acknowledgements. Now comes the exciting part. We’re going to help you finally let go of all these limiting beliefs, patterns, habits and behaviours that have been sabotaging your happiness for so many years.  


This week’s core topics:

  • Why you do the things you do
  • Understanding the needs that drive you and how to truly meet them
  • How to build a relationship with yourself
  • Aligning your conscious and subconscious values

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Pillar 6:

Another Way of Being


Finally, we show you how to live another way as you experience what it means to truly love yourself. In each moment you practice you build confidence and certainty in your Self to step into your personal power and redefine what you deserve.


Core topics: 


  • How to live happily with an open heart and mind

  • Redefine what is good enough for and what you deserve

  • The secret to living in acceptance

  • The gratitude effect and experiencing true freedom

Our program is designed to meet you where you're at and ensure you experience transformation and lasting change.

Here's what you get and how it works...

6 months of private, personalized coaching,
self-love, acceptance & forgiveness coaching & support
24 x private
60 - 90 min coaching sessions (every 2 weeks on Zoom) or as you need them
Full online course packed with all the metaphysics, strategies, exercises, videos & worksheets you need to cultivate greater self-awareness.
A private 90 - 120 min onboarding session to get super clear on what YOU want and how we're going to support you in getting there
Personalised emails with content relevant to you during our journey together.
A 90-min follow up support session to be used anytime after our journey together has ended.

Are you ready for another way?

We support you in cleaning out the old and building new habits, behaviours & patterns that translate into healthy, loving and abundant relationships in all areas of your life.
Value $9,997

Today's Price $4,970
Payment Plan

(6 months)

Benefits of an authentic
Self-Love practice

Our program is designed to show you how to clear your mind and open your heart, so you can be more present, kind, caring and loving to yourself and in all your relationships. As you practice giving love to yourself, you will experience more and more benefits...

🤍You become happier more often

🤍You experience less conflict (inside yourself and in your relationships)

🤍Your work and impact becomes more powerful

🤍Work/life balance becomes more natural

🤍You experience more peace and less conflict in all your relationships

🤍Your boundaries give you healthier, more loving relationships

🤍You begin to know you are enough and you have enough, and you relax more

🤍You become more free from the past

🤍You let go more easily and move through life's upsets quicker

🤍You accept WHAT IS with an open heart and stop trying to control life, and people

🤍You receive inspiration more easily

🤍You have more energy and more fun

🤍Your state of mind becomes more peaceful

🤍Your face begins to relaxed and you look more youthful

🤍You experience joy more often, for no reason

🤍You laugh more easily

🤍You experience confidence & certainty within yourself

🤍You sleep better

🤍Health issues (especially long terms ones) can spontaneously clear up

🤍You accept your worth and value, BEING what you are


P.S. Usually we get a couple of questions about this program, so we thought we'd simplify things and answer them here:

What will I get from this course?

First and foremost, let us be clear.</