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Unlock our 90-day
Self-Love formula to
awaken your mind
to inner peace &

Welcome to our signature Self-Love practice, Game of Life. 

This is a step-by-step formula that shows you exactly how we remember to value ourselves enough to choose self-love and peace, even with the ego screaming and shouting at us to choose fear.

How we raise our awareness so we can remember to truly see ourselves

The consistent practice results in a more quiet mind and as that happens, we become more aware of our 'beingness'

The one mind, aware of love, that we are.


Mockup - First.png
Buddha Statue

Enlightenment is the result of a consistently quiet mind (presence), consistently remembering

*This is part 1 in a 3-part Master Course

A formula to completely outsmart the ego

Find your 1 REAL purpose

And awaken your mind

To stillness.




We call it the Open Acceptance Method™.

So, why is being present so hard to do?

Because you have an ego.

That's made a lot of judgments.

And you've done an EXCELLENT job at repressing them.

Those repressed judgments want to be healed so they consistently come into your mind.

But you continue to repress them


Take a look honestly, you will see, that every thought you have is based on a belief about yourself. And then a story you tell based on that belief. 


A unique selection of filters, that make up judgements in your mind based on one single perspective.


That’s it. 


The problem is judgements are at their core misperceptions of yourself. 


Every Universal Law tells you, you’re part of one mind, projecting a separated self into a dream we call the universe. 


But in reality, all judgements are self-judgements. 


And by law self-judgements weaken your energy and weigh you down.



These judgments are just the result of misperceptions which can be forgiven and changed.

Or accepted.

And let go (same thing)


And when you heal it in yourself. 


The outside is healed along with it.

It is law.

Once you're IN you will get a formula
that will begin (or accelerate)
the process of awakening
IF you do it*

We will show you exactly how to let go of the baggage that holds you back.

To experience TRUE freedom, happiness, love and abundance in every moment.

Forest Path

This is how it works

Pillar 1:
Understanding the Game of Life

Mockup - Module 1.png

​First, we are going to help you finally see the Game of Life, the rules, and why it’s been tripping you up.  


Core topics: 


  • No fluff, no bullsh*t steps to change your MIND and choose Love over fear

  • How to show up for your Self

  • Secrets to experiencing love, joy and peace

Any one of these things will move the needle in your self-love practice and our experience is that ONE of these practices is going to resonate and stand out as the missing piece for YOU we'll be able to spend more time on that one with you.

Buy Game of Life

This is Cutting Edge
Cognitive Therapy

in freedom & happiness


3 payments of


Here's what you get and how it will work...

  • 90-days of personalised, private self-love support

  • A private 75 - 90-min on-boarding strategy session where we'll get super clear on the outcome and what we're going to do to support you in getting there

  • 9-private 45 - 60 minute Zoom calls, and 3 integration weeks where we hold you accountable and ensure you experience the benefits of your practice

  • Personal emails with content and support relevant to you during your 90-days

  • Bonus 60-minute follow up call to use when you need it following our 90-days together


"I'm worried I can't afford this.
It's a lot of money

Yup! It is. But money is simply about value and worth.

If we were selling you your dream home, exactly how, where and what you like, uniquely you, in alignment with all your values, hopes, dreams, desires...

could you make a plan for the money?

It the answer is yes, you've got your answer.

We are offering you WAY more than your dream home here.

We are offering you a way to become aware of the ONLY stable, certain predictable, unconditional home you have.

And the ONLY home you want.

We should charge a lot more for our course


What will you get?

🤍You are aware of and know your Self
🤍You love your Self
🤍You take responsibility for and meet your own needs
🤍You are free
🤍You live in the present
🤍You know you’re enough and you have enough
🤍You’re free from the past and all your negative emotions
🤍Your state of mind is peaceful
🤍Your face is relaxed (stop your botox you’ll wipe years from your face)
🤍You have an open heart, happy, joyful and laugh more easily
🤍You know your worth and value



"We're just getting to know each other, how can I trust you?"

Totally get it! Here's the thing. We do this stuff, so we know if works. And Renier is guided in seeing patterns and navigating the ego to help you let go and free yourself from the blockages that keep you stuck. But you have to show up. If you do, we're here for you and we will keep working with you, free of charge, until it works for you.

That's our promise to you.


"How do I know that this will work for me?"

Because not only has it worked for both of us, but its owrked for HUNDREDS of clients along a 20 year journey.


The reason it works for everyone is that everyone’s subconscious mind is the same, but everyone’s experience is different. This is not a “cookie-cutter” approach, but it does look at the problem holistically, every time. To do this it delivers a clear, concise, simple truth together with a LOT of modalities and principles, to be completely flexible and customisable for YOU and your unique needs.


In other words, for the first time ever you will actually have a way of looking at things differently. Not only that, but your new way of looking at things points you back to the CAUSE of the problem, every time, which means now you can actually experience another way.


It’s a beautiful thing, truth. It is true no matter what, otherwise it would not be true.

"How fast can I expect to see results"

This is our favourite question to answer because we LOVE the answer we are able to give you (and we’re super freaking proud of the answer, too!)


You can see results (AKA be more loving to yourself) as fast as you want to.


We’re not kidding.


What more clients say...



They say a journey of a 100 miles starts with a single step…


That I have found to be absolutely true.


For a very long time, I felt lost and the only thing I knew was that anger and alcohol ran my life.

I could not see myself without it. I have tried so many things but I could not get myself to finally let go. Alcohol gave me everything I thought I needed.

But I lost all self-esteem, self-respect, I lost my morals, my voice and I can go on about everything I had lost because I made alcohol my everything.


I met Renier a few years ago and had a meeting with him. He hold me that if I attended his 3-day course I will walk out a different person. Well, my first thought was it took me 30 years to mess my life up, how is he possibly going to ‘fix’ me in 3 days?


However, I decided to go in wholeheartedly and with an open mind.


It was an amazing journey which completely turned my life around.


I have been sober and anger-free without any relapses for over 4 years now. I got back everything I have lost and so much more. I missed the sober me so much while I was an active alcoholic and be honest, I never did get her back… what I did get back was a person I never thought I could be… so much better. I adore the person I am now. She was hidden for so very long.


The tools I was given by Renier is priceless and I am eternally grateful for all the time, energy but most of all love he gave me when I couldn’t even love or like myself.


These are my license photos from before and then a few years after… I don’t just see the difference, but I feel it every day.


I am…


Natasja Grateful Van Der Merwe"


Nataja's Story


Elzette ~ Renier's method is profoundly transformative. I was challenged and supported to let go of my anger and was able to make the change that I needed to create a whole new reality for me. Today every part of my life is different and I am so grateful to Renier for his profound work.



Quentin ~ I suffered from anger and severe depression and a history of drug abuse, failed relationships and a dead-end career. I felt hopeless and at the brink of taking my own life. I knew somehow there must be another way I just did not know how. Through the Open Acceptance Method I was shown a simple formula, a set of rules if you will.  As a result of applying these rules, today I get to show up out of a space of love first and foremost for myself and because I get to show up this way for myself, I get to experience loving relationships with those around me. I am free of anger and have shifted my perception from one of fear to one of love, which means I get to experience the joy of being. Renier has been invaluable in my search for the light.

Monika ~ This course has given me more certainty and trust in myself… that I am good enough and I am already love. I don't connect much with the self-love world because it's very important to understand which self you're loving. To love your true self you must first undo the blocks to the awareness of love's presence, and the ego does not like to be exposed. I needed the support through my own resistance and judgments as I let the blocks come up to be healed. Today my state of mind is clear. When I have judgments I don't get stuck, I let them go. I feel at peace.
Luyanda ~ I love how I found out the game is in me! The course really helped me understand that the ego is in the mind. I learnt how to be an observer and choose to not respond to it and listen to my higher self. I am more loving to myself and I now know I am responsible for my own happiness.

Are we a good fit to work together?

✔️💚 This program is for you if...

✅You want a change that actually works and lasts

✅You feel deep down that there's more to life

✅You're not totally happy (or even VERY unhappy) with life

✅And if you're honest, a little bit empty or unfulfilled inside

✅You're frustrated, irritated or quick to anger

✅You get overwhelmed, stressed or anxious easily

✅You don’t have time for yourself

✅You struggle with boundaries and people-pleasing

✅You struggle with self-doubt, self-esteem or insecurities

✅You often feel afraid or guilty about something

✅You're having conflict in your relationships

✅Or just can't seem to find or keep love

✅You have body image issues

✅You're FINALLY ready to let go of the past

✅You have reached a point of decision that you are READY to SHOW UP for your SELF and have been looking for another way...

Then we are SUPER FRICKEN PROUD and SUPER FRICKEN EXCITED to meet you there. And SHOW up for YOU!

Not your ego-self.

We're got a strategy for that.

Your real Self.

🚷 This program is NOT for you if...

🚫You want someone to tell you what to do

🚫You're unwilling to be honest and get real with yourself

🚫You're not willing or ready to take responsibility

🚫You're looking for a quick fix, or done for you service

🚫You're not willing to do the work

🚫You're not willing to set boundaries and value people pleasing

🚫You're not willing to take responsibility for your mind

🚫What other people think so and say is more important than you

🚫Your life as it stands is good enough for you

🚫You have a daily Self-Love practice

🚫You live in the NOW

🚫You are happy with where you're at in life

🚫You value peace above all else

🚫You show up in a way that is good enough for you

If one of these is you, then I'm sorry, we can't help you. We are not going to be a good fit to work together at this time.

But life happens and things change.


So perhaps another time, when the conditions are better, we will be a good fit to work together. 

That time is NOT NOW.

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