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Unlock our 90-day
Self-Love formula to
awaken your mind
to inner peace &

Welcome to our signature Self-Love practice, Game of Life. 

This is a step-by-step formula that shows you exactly how we remember to value ourselves enough to choose self-love and peace, even with the ego screaming and shouting at us to choose fear.

How we raise our awareness so we can remember to truly see ourselves

The consistent practice results in a more quiet mind and as that happens, we become more aware of our 'beingness'

The one mind, aware of love, that we are.


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Buddha Statue

Enlightenment is the result of a consistently quiet mind (presence), consistently remembering

*This is part 1 in a 3-part Master Course

A formula to completely outsmart the ego

Find your 1 REAL purpose

And awaken your mind

To stillness.




We call it the Open Acceptance Method™.

So, why is being present so hard to do?

Because you have an ego.

That's made a lot of judgments.

And you've done an EXCELLENT job at repressing them.

Those repressed judgments want to be healed so they consistently come into your mind.

But you continue to repress them


Take a look honestly, you will see, that every thought you have is based on a belief about yourself. And then a story you tell based on that belief. 


A unique selection of filters, that make up judgements in your mind based on one single perspective.


That’s it. 


The problem is judgements are at their core misperceptions of yourself. 


Every Universal Law tells you, you’re part of one mind, projecting a separated self into a dream we call the universe. 


But in reality, all judgements are self-judgements. 


And by law self-judgements weaken your energy and weigh you down.



These judgments are just the result of misperceptions which can be forgiven and changed.

Or accepted.

And let go (same thing)


And when you heal it in yourself. 


The outside is healed along with it.

It is law.

Once you're IN you will get a formula
that will begin (or accelerate)
the process of awakening
IF you do it*

We will show you exactly how to let go of the baggage that holds you back.

To experience TRUE freedom, happiness, love and abundance in every moment.

Forest Path

This is how it works

Pillar 1:
Understanding the Game of Life

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​First, we are going to help you finally see the Game of Life, the rules, and why it’s been tripping you up.  


Core topics: 


  • No fluff, no bullsh*t steps to change your MIND and choose Love over fear

  • How to show up for your Self

  • Secrets to experiencing love, joy and peace

Any one of these things will move the needle in your self-love practice and our experience is that ONE of these practices is going to resonate and stand out as the missing piece for YOU we'll be able to spend more time on that one with you.

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