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What do I believe about emotional well being with loved ones.

We spend endless hours throughout our lives; learning new behaviours, trying out new habits and becoming better people. This can be exhausting and challenging and for the most part, we seem to get it right when we are dealing with strangers, colleagues and other people in general.

Have you ever head the saying “we hurt those we love the most”, and for some reason, this tends to ring true. I mean, I hurt my partner far easier than some stranger I bump into at the mall. This is where how we show up has the most impact on our lives and relationships.

It is harder to get along with family members, than with strangers simply because of the statements we hold true and the expectations we carry for our family members.

So, how do we get to a place, where when our emotions override our ability to cope and we experience emotional pressures, that we can still manage to show up in the best possible way.

How do we do this?

You begin by challenging your experience. We create a story line to support the feelings and the thoughts that we entertain and experience. This story, is like a statement.

This statement, creates a version of your reality, and results. Dive into some very popular statements that most of us share and had no idea, the chaos they were creating in our lives.

Remember the breathing exercise? Lets give it a go.

Get comfortable, sit up straight, and do the breathing exercise for about 5 breaths. Once your mind and body is settled, read through these statements, and reflect on the impact they are having in your life.

Statement / belief: Family is a value.

Question: Do we treat them with love, respect, honour, kindness …?

When you are under the emotional strain like anger, sadness, frustration, stress. Do you treat them with love, respect, honour, kindness (Insert your own values here)…?


Statement / belief: Self-love and compassion is personal power.

Question: Do we treat ourselves with love, respect, honour, kindness …?

When we are under emotional strain like; pressure, anxiety, criticism, withdrawal. Do you treat yourself with love, respect, honour, and kindness (Insert your own values here)…?


Statement / belief: Right now you are in another’s reality.

Question: Do you treat your environment / reality with love, respect, honour, kindness…?

When we are under emotional strain like; expectations, priorities, stuckness, lack of control or no control and attachments. Do you show up with love, respect, honour, kindness

(Insert your own values here)…?


If you want to learn how to create personal power and space out of which to operate in every conceivable environment / reality, then sign up for our Game of Life coaching program.

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