About Us

Welcome to Paqarina!
We're Renier Jooste & Kathryn Woolf

After traveling a journey of 20+ years (each) through personal (and trans-personal) transformation we've combined our 40+ years of experience, into a formula that goes directly to the root of the problem to give you an instant experience of another way.

Our practice will show you how to make peace, love and joy your natural state of being with a formula to outsmart the ego, and accelerate the process!

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Our Mission & Vison

Love | Faith | Gratitude Presence | Peace | Purpose

The name Paqarina

[pronounced pak-a-rina]

was inspired by a term used by the ancient Andes to describe an open portal and place of origin and final destination. For us, Paqarina is the light of TRUTH.

The vision of Paqarina is to create an online coaching platform that leverages technology to share a message of authentic self-love to experience another way. 


From a space of humility, our clients learn to see themselves and develop an authentic, loving relationship with themselves, to experience freedom, love and joy through their relationship with everything outside of them, empowering them to make a purposeful impact. 


Renier Jooste

I used to be an angry, overweight, unhealthy person.


I was adopted. I looked different and was treated differently and spent a lot of time on the sidelines, observing.

I saw patterns – and the patterns I saw on people’s faces told a sad tale of hurt, anger, abuse, and conflict.


I knew I wanted to change this, but first I needed to become a very angry person and get myself into enough sh*t in the world, to really want to figure out how to do that. 

I eventually got the the point where I decided there must be another way and I would find it.


First, I found energy: reiki and kinesiology. This gave me the understanding of what I saw in patterns, and how to the gift I have to see them so easily.

Next, I found NLP, hypnotherapy, and human behavior.


I applied these practices to go into my subconscious mind and wipe clean my beliefs, programs, and patterns that had kept me trapped in my story of anger, hurt and fear all those years.

Through my practice I began to really experience the universal law of Perception is Projection. It did not matter if I was working with a client or myself, when I accepted responsibility for what was in front of me, the results were nothing short of a miracle.

Today, Kathryn and I have streamlined this process into a formula that is super simple and easy to apply.


For me Self-Love is the practice of acceptance to keep present with love in each moment.

Our Self-Love Formula is a super simple 6-step process that gets straight to the root of the problem – the way you see yourself - becoming aware of the blocks that keep you stuck in patterns of lack, pain, suffering and not having or being enough.

As you heal the blocks, you see yourself more fully as the love you are.


And as you consistently stay present with yourself, you develop a relationship with yourself and every relationship in your life changes.

And you naturally show up in a way that is more loving to yourself, because that is what you are.

Everything you create from this space is in alignment with your true purpose, open for love to flow.

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Kathryn Woolf

I always thought I had to be the same as everyone else so I judged myself not good enough and did everything I could to make up for it.


I grew up in a conscious family and was raised in a library of self-help books, DVDs’, tapes, and courses. I was always looking to become the “best version of myself”. 


But I was so caught up in trying to be good enough for everyone else I couldn’t see myself, my worth, my value, nor the confidence to let go of fear, trust and follow my heart.


In 2019 I smashed my foot through a glass vase in a Pilates class, severing my main nerve twice, along with pretty much the underneath of my foot. My entire life stopped. 


Then my husband and I decided to get divorced. 


Then… Covid happened. 


I walked away from my life. 


I took the opportunity to stop doing and finally be. I stopped everything everyone else wanted, and finally chose to listen to myself. I went through Renier’s program and started studying A Course in Miracles, beginning the process of true acceptance and forgiveness of the little girl inside me that believed she was not enough, reminding her of something she already knew.


It was not me that was not enough… it was my own self-perception and way I saw myself.

I am Love. Love is enough. All-encompassing. It has no fear. 


Today I practice Self-Love so I continue to listen to myself, let go of fear, and keep my heart open to abundant love: gentle, kind, caring, compassionate and free. 


Love is enough.