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Hello!! I'm Renier

And I'm Kathryn

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"As far back as I can remember I’ve had the ability to see patterns and read people’s faces. What I saw in the grownups around me was hurt, anger, sadness and suffering.

I decided I wanted to change people's faces when I grew up. 

Of course, first, that meant I would have to go through my own wounding and own healing.

I have always been open to energy.


The energy in the environment I grew up in as an Afrikaans child during '80's & '90's' South African Apartheid years, was tough.

I believed I needed to fight the world to protect myself and my belief closed my heart and mind and made me angry. Very, angry. 

About Renier

My pain was so intense that by age 22 I decided I could not live like this and I made the life-changing decision to find another way. 

My journey started with Reiki and Kinesiology, which gave me a good foundation and the tools to clear my energy and build my power from the inside. 

Next, I found NLP which totally changed my life. 

It's complete application in my life taught me to live in oneness with all that is.

It showed me how to be flexible, curious and present with

what is.

Today I understand, it taught me the practice of true forgiveness and unconditional love

During my 17-years in NLP coaching, I incorporated into my practice anger management, conflict resolution & mediation.

Then firewalking and intention setting, breathwork, human behaviour, body language and microexpressions.

I began to see patterns emerge.


How EVERYTHING gets pointed back to a blockage in energy in one (or more) of the three major energy centers in the body: the head, the heart and the gut. 

In 2014 I found plant medicine which confirmed and amplified everything I was already doing..


Immediately I knew and understood the interconnections of the energy throughout everything. 


I experienced I am one with all, and all is one. 


I studied the medicine on myself and quickly saw how together with medicine, subconscious reprogramming is significantly amplified.

In 2016 I started incorporating plant medicine into the work I was doing with clients and the results were miraculous.

My first client confirmed a much quicker time to break through. 

I went on to work with hundreds of clients over the following 4-year period prior to Covid.

Refining and tweaking my process into a formula for awakening.


Truly being of service to every person who has truly wanted it and shown up for it

I saw how the ‘medicine’ gets used as a misguided shortcut or magic pill, which of course,

it is not.

I've learnt the importance of a solid integration process because I've seen many people get stuck in an endless cycle of going back for more and not actually doing the work required

in real life.

When Covid hit in 2020, the timing was good for me to stop medicine work and take time to go within - a forced closure of my coaching practice due to the pandemic.

And the space for the birth of something new.

In the beginning of 2021, Kathryn Woolf and I began our personal and business partnership. Kathryn brought her few decades of personal development experience, and A Course in Miracles, a pure non-dualistic teaching of love.

I soon realised this powerful spiritual text was teaching exactly what I'd already figured out and had been practicing for the better part of a decade. It gave us the last piece of the puzzle to be able to teach and facilitate the awakening without plant medicine

Together we remodeled and restructured my work into a formula that is easy to understand, easy to apply, completely online, no medicine required formula for awakening called OAM - the Open Acceptance Method.""

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"I grew up with hippy parents who met at a transcendental meditation retreat.


A fitting start to the environment in which I grew up.

Exposed to the equivalent of a self-help doctorate during during my childhood alone, a lifetime of spiritual seeking, and self-help manifesting, still left me unhappy and far from 'helped'.

Today I can see my problem was I had no idea how to be present. Not for lack of trying! I'd been meditating for years.

On one hand, the whole system let me down. On the other it lead me in the only direction that would show me... within.

About Kathryn

I always thought I had to be the same as everyone else and I judged myself harshly for not being good enough. Not even that was good enough for me, I had to be perfect.

I became so addicted to being good enough for everyone else that I had no idea how to be good enough for me, or who ‘I’ even was.

I suffered chronic headaches, insomnia, recurring thrush and regular burnout.

In 2019 I smashed my foot through a glass vase in a Pilates class, severing my main nerve twice, along with pretty much the underneath of my foot. My entire life stopped. 

Around the same time Renier and I started working together.


My career stopped. 

My husband and I decided to divorce.


And then, Covid happened. 

It was a total dismantling of everything I had known and created and a complete redesign of my life.

A time to shut out everything and everyone and finally began to listen to myself. 

At the beginning of 2020, I started studying A Course in Miracles, sharing my experience with Renier.

We soon realised what the course referred to as "true forgiveness", it's main teaching, is exactly the same as the application of acceptance in Renier's work.

Today we call it "open acceptance", because to actually practice acceptance honestly, is to do it with an open heart.

For me, A Course in Miracles put the dots together to a lot of pieces that were already in place. The practice is really simple, but not easy to apply. I don't think I would have really been able to practice in the way I have been, if it hadn't had been for Renier's practice.

The ego is a genius at keeping us distracted by everything outside of us. The spiritual buffet table is not immune to this. It has kept me in an addiction of seeking outside, the one thing that can only be found within.

I love the film Alice in Wonderland, which my parents bought for me as a small child. Today, the truth in that movie astounds me. The Cheshire Cat explains how it doesn't matter much which way you go if you do not know where you want to go.

My journey with Renier has shown me the power of purpose.

If there was just one thing you came here to do, wouldn't you like to find it and do that one thing?

I travelled a journey from sameness to uniqueness. Renier travelled a journey of closed to open.

We all have our unique path.

The wounding, showing us the light.

Imagination is the only weapon the war against reality ~ Cheshire Cat

Our Vision & Mission

From a space of humility, our clients learn to see themselves and develop an authentic, loving relationship with themselves, to experience freedom, love and joy through their relationship with everything outside of them, empowering them to make a purposeful impact. 

Our Vision & Mission
What is                   ?
What is OAM?

Open Acceptance Method, or OAM is a  way of living in the present, with a practice of being in acceptance of what is.


With an open heart and mind.


Awake, listening and following your unique teacher within.

Our work shows you how to clear the suppressed energy keeping your mind overactive with limiting beliefs, suppressed emotions, trauma, judgements, or imposter syndrome.

So you can finally experience mental clarity, peace, joy and love in every area of your life.

The Formula for peace, joy & happiness
Clear the unconscious blockages in the mind: beliefs & thoughts
Together with the unconscious blockages in the gut: trauma & emotions
For the heart to feel safe enough to open. To be totally present
Our Therapy Toolbox
Our Therapy Toolbox

We use Neuro Linguistic Programming to align the conscious and subconscious mind for best health, energy and vitality. This is a practice of taking control of our thoughts, habits, behaviours, beliefs and patterns so we can experience internal freedom, joy & happiness


We use hypnotherapy on a subconscious level throughout our work as a tool to greater enhance the cognitive linguistic process, bypassing old patterns, habits and blockages to install new powerful, positive commands into your subconscious mind.


This is a fundamental practice we bring into everything we do.

We use intention with deep diaphragmatic breathing to help you connect the energy from the gut to the head and clear the blockages for the herat to open.

Strategic Intervention & Mediation

For the mind to function optimally (clearly) it is vital that any conflicting parts in the mind (you know the voices!), be integrated into the whole by aligning their purpose.


For any parts to function optimally as ONE, they must be in agreement so as to work together rather than against each other. 

When we bring these parts into alignment through a process of strategic intervention (in your subconscious mind), it’s quick and easy to remove the blocks and EXPERIENCE yourself as whole and one with all. 

Reiki & Kinesiology (energy work)

Everything is energy, and energy is connected and always moving. Energy work is really at the heart of our practice. We show you what your energy is and how to cultivate it and use it for the true purpose of LOVE not fear.  


Great for team building and staff motivation, this is an experience in personal and mental power, motivation, energy, breathwork, responsibility and mental focus. 


This is the application of all the work we do into a powerful single experience. 

Body language & microexpressions

Communication is only 7% verbal. The other 93% is made up of (mostly) subconscious cues such as involuntary microexpressions, tone of voice, speed of voice, body language, eye accessing cues, gestures, touch and use of space.  


The body cannot lie, and 93% is a lot of unconscious ways for the truth to be shown to someone paying attention. 


Sometimes (actually always) it's tough to see and admit to (ourselves), our patterns, habits, behaviours, emotional triggers, grievances, insecurities etc.

Human Behaviour

This is the way we respond or show up towards ourselves and each other, which always correlates back to a pattern in your life.


It helps to become conscious of the behaviour we were unconsciously programmed with so we can have a choice to keep it or not rather than it being a default reaction.


Human behaviour is helpful in understanding what patterns, beliefs and filters are motivating the reaction.

Human Needs

The fulfilment of these needs is the foundation of a fulfilled and happy life and fundamental to what DRIVES or motivates our behaviour.

Our core human needs are not nice to have desires, but fundamental to our survival as humans. These needs will be met, guaranteed. If it not met constructively, it will be met destructively.

We can only give what we’ve got so only when we’re able to show up with love for ourselves, will we have it to give to anyone else.

Sedona Method

One of the quickest forms of releasing, the Sedona Method is a super tool that's easy to learn and effective at releasing quickly on a subconscious level.

Plant Medicine

Various forms of plant medicines are used to integrate or enhance the work we do without medicine. For more information on this work, please contact us directly.

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Covid is over & we are excited to be offering in-person private & group retreats again!
View our retreats.


We love to play, and to REMIND you how to play. 


Our favourite playground is the Cape Point Nature Reserve.


Home to the Cape of Good Hope, the southwesternmost tip of Africa.

Check out our retreats.

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