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We provide both private and group retreats, each tailored to your specific requirements.


Retreats are amazing! So is yoga, meditation, affirmations and a balanced vegan diet.


But they aren’t very impactful if you can’t bring the practice with you into every area of your life. The daily grind.

We show you how to have "retreat-style" peace and clarity, inside yourself, during the hustle and bustle of daily life.

We’re on a mission to change that, and show you how to experience peace while you go through life.

A totally unique experience, not just in location, but in OUTCOME.

More than a retreat, this is an actual investment in yourself.

This is why we are different.

The purpose of our time together is to show you how to live in alignment with your SELF, in a way that is kind, loving, caring and compassionate towards YOU, always.

You should NEVER feel you have to ‘retreat’ from your life again!
Join us for 1-day hiking retreats in Cape Town most weekends. Join our mailing list for weekly deets.
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