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Open Heart Retreats are the flagship “experiences” we offer at OAM. They help to entrench our practices and methods, in a far more intense way than is possible alone. 


What We Do: Open Heart Retreats offer global adventure-seekers “another way” to enhance well-being, connection and daily life, via real-world experiences of open acceptance.

Our Promise: To guide your perception shift into happiness, via fundamental changes to how you understand yourself and how you see everything else.

Our Purpose: To give human beings the ability to master self-love through the practice of open acceptance.

Why? Because, practically, individuals can control almost nothing - except what goes on inside them. To accept what’s outside you, you must take control of the inside. Here and only here can authentic happiness be found.

This is why we are different.

Join us and allow us to guide you to step outside your life for a time, so you can master – physically, mentally and emotionally – the ability to accept and love what is.

Open Heart methodologies include retreats, hikes, excursions and adventures, touring, cold water immersion, plant medicine journeys, breathwork, movement, energy and sound healing therapy.

NEVER feel you have to ‘retreat’ from your life again.

We do private, group and custom retreat experiences around the globe.


Connect with us.

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