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Elzette's Story

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This wasn’t a one-hit wonder. It really forced me to learn to pause, which is easier said than done.


Looking back it was only through the pause that I finally did it. That I truly connected all the dots and experienced another way.


Through the pause, I finally could grasp an alternative state.


Today I can see how all this chasing and desire to be better is just a trap.

The experience I gained was so important because I could not even if I wanted to, no matter how clever I thought I was, navigate my way out of the stuckness that I was in.

This program completely changed my life. It's not that Game of Life takes your life circumstances, your challenges your bullshit stories and challenges away and it's all rainbows and sunshine. Not at all.

It’s life as you know it from a different perspective. So life didn’t change but I did, and because I could change I do believe other things were able to show up for me.


Some good some bad. But the bad things that came up I could handle with grace because I've learnt to fail successfully, and failing from the perspective of love is a very different experience from failing from the perspective of fear.

Quentin's Story

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I suffered from severe depression and a history of drug abuse, failed relationships and a dead-end career. I was hopeless and at the brink of taking my own life.

I knew somehow there must be another way I just did not know how.


Through the process of Game of Life I was shown a simple formula, a set of rules if you will. 


Today I get to show up out of a space of love first and foremost for myself and because I get to show up this way for myself, I get to experience loving relationships with those around me.


I have shifted my perception from one of fear to one of love, which means I get to experience the joy of being.


Game of Life has been invaluable in my search for the light.


Monika's Story

"This course has given me more certainty and trust in myself, that I am good enough and I am already love. I don't connect much with the self-love world because it's very important to understand which self you're loving. To love your true self you must first undo the blocks to the awareness of love's presence, and the ego does not like to be exposed.


I needed the support through my own resistance and judgments as I let the blocks come up to be healed.


Today my state of mind is clear. When I have judgments I don't get stuck, I let them go.


I feel at peace."

P.S Connect with Quentin

Natasja's Story


"They say a journey of a 100 miles starts with a single step…


That I have found to be absolutely true.


For a very long time, I felt lost and the only thing I knew was that alcohol ran my life.

I could not see myself without it. I have tried so many things but I could not get myself to finally let go. Alcohol gave me everything I thought I needed.

But I lost all self-esteem, self-respect, I lost my morals, my voice and I can go on about everything I had lost because I made alcohol my everything.


I met Renier a few years ago and had a meeting with him. He hold me that if I attended his 3-day course I will walk out a different person. Well, my first thought was it took me 30 years to mess my life up, how is he possibly going to ‘fix’ me in 3 days?


However, I decided to go in wholeheartedly and with an open mind.


It was an amazing journey which completely turned my life around.


I have been sober without any relapses for over 4 years now. I got back everything I have lost and so much more. I missed the sober me so much while I was an active alcoholic and be honest, I never did get her back… what I did get back was a person I never thought I could be… so much better. I adore the person I am now. She was hidden for so very long.

The tools I was given by Renier is priceless and I am eternally grateful for all the time, energy but most of all love he gave me when I couldn’t even love or like myself.


These are my license photos from before and then a few years after… I don’t just see the difference, but I feel it every day.


I am…"


Natasja Grateful Van Der Merwe

Kayleigh's Story


This experience really jump-started my recovery.


It was such a fun, safe, and constructive environment. I got so much out of this course in terms of understanding myself. I feel so much more capable to stand in my power because of the tools and techniques we practised.

It felt amazing to deeply connect with myself and other people who get it.


This course was one of, if not the greatest, experiences of my life. It exceeded my expectations.

The in-person and online environment felt COMPLETELY safe, with no pressure to share or feeling of judgment.


The retreat had a good balance between activities, teaching, conversation, etc.

It was so amazing to speak openly about my struggles, fears, and baggage from the past.  It provided a sense of community and acceptance, and I could feel the wall I had set up against the world was starting to come down. 


The course offered practical tools and exercises that I could implement at home on my own.

(I apply them every day!)

I went from feeling my life was over to feeling that my life has just begun.  I went from trying to shut out the world to wanting to welcome it back in. 

I have learned how to accept and listen to my feelings, both positive and negative, and to express them. 


I have learned to grieve what I have lost and to start dreaming again for the future. 


I still struggle at times, and I feel like I will always be on this path of growth.  The difference now is that I have tools to deal with any episodes, and I am able to respond in much more effective, mature and loving ways.

Lana's Story


I embarked on an adventure with Renier & Kathryn, never expecting the phenomenal benefit I felt & how it changed me.


It started with an online consultation, getting to know each other with some probing questions.


Once we met in person more questions & NLP work which was therapy in & of itself. There started an awareness of the patterns which had caused me to have cancer two years prior.


I followed a clean diet the week before joining the adventure so did not expect the mean headache I had. Renier told me my solar plexus was blocked. As we spoke about the possible cause, I got emotional, realizing how much I had managed to suppress in my life. It was my strategy for coping with life’s stresses until I developed cancer.

We started the walk with San Pedro. I think I experienced every emotion there was to feel in exaggerated technicolor. I felt happy, at peace, sad, angry, and tearful.

The hike itself was beautiful. We were in Cape Point National Park. The park is pristine with spectacular views & walks. The bird & animal life is prolific. I was blown away by the views & the energy of the place. One of God's gifts to us for sure.

At the end of the hike, we had a delicious nutritious meal prepared by the two leaders.

I fell into a deep sleep, waking up the following morning feeling refreshed with a new understanding of myself. This was followed by more hiking & reflection, some uncomfortable but always illuminating & helpful. I never felt judged, but rather held in a space of wonder & enquiry.


There was lots of time for reflection, journaling, homework & time to just be.


Swimming in the cold water in the Atlantic Sea at any given moment was always a highlight.


We were well prepared for our mushroom journey which was a heavenly experience.

The view from the room where we were embarking on the journey was like a fairyland with lights out at sea, stars that are as bright as you can imagine, a fire crackling and candles burning. The stage was set for the magic.


And the magic did not disappoint. I saw people who were my guides who had passed away with many messages for me. The visuals were beautiful & beyond description. A life changing experience.


The following day with a debrief I fully realized where my cancer had started at the age of 9 when a traumatic event surfaced that had been long buried. This was a real “ah-ha” moment for me.


Since my journey I have felt more alive & joyful than I have in years, as though parts of myself have come together.

There has been follow up support help to integrate the experience with awareness not to get lost in everyday life once again.


I cannot recommend this healing journey enough. Your life will be forever changed.


Jonessa pic.png

I came to Renier looking for confidence and mindset coaching for my first marathon.


It was important for me that we could have a pre-session online and I could build a bit of trust and share my expectations and fears with him. The work he gave me in preparation was certainly unusual but he made me feel safe and I was open to him and felt I could trust him. I kept an open mind to the process


I felt very definitely and beautifully guided in the process. Because of our first online meeting, I had the ability to just trust a fellow participant in the process. I really felt I was being partnered with and could be an active participant in the process. I felt that I wasn’t alone. 


There were so many synchronicities from race day to the day we spent together but the analogy of the puppet on the string really helped me see how the whole process works. 


I saw what to allow and what not to allow in my mind, which really enabled me to react differently when things went wrong. 10km before the finish I tripped and fell and If I hadn’t had seen Renier I wouldn’t have had the courage to continue.

I arrived at the start rested and calm from a good night's sleep which I'd never had before.


I’m a worrier. I’ve never been able to control my thoughts. I look at what can go wrong and try prepare myself for every eventuality. Because of that, by the time I start I’m normally a ball of nerves. This time I had a relaxed experience. When the start came I knew I was prepared and calm and had the resources to handle anything. My intent was very clear and my day had a purpose, which carried me through some difficult times. 


I found myself in a position where I could be more present. I’ve seen that life will still happen, it's just what we do when life happens and how we react. 


On the mountain, Renier said to me once you have the experience you can never go back, and I now understand that the shift has taken place permanently.


This is not a plaster that you stick on or an affirmation that you put into your mind that’s a superficial layover. This is a deep belief that’s going to ultimately, on the day, when its crunch time and when it counts, help you move through a difficult experience successfully.  


~ Jonessa De Bruyn


Luyanda's Story

"I found out the game of life is IN me! The course really helped me understand that the ego is in the mind. I learnt how to be an observer and choose to not respond to it and listen to my higher self.


I am more loving to myself and I now know I am responsible for my own happiness."

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Dean's testimonial blocked out_edited.jpg
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