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Monika's Story
"This course has given me more certainty and trust in myself… that I am good enough and I am already love. I don't connect much with the self-love world because it's very important to understand which self you're loving. To love your true self you must first undo the blocks to the awareness of love's presence, and the ego does not like to be exposed. I needed the support through my own resistance and judgments as I let the blocks come up to be healed. Today my state of mind is clear. When I have judgments I don't get stuck, I let them go. I feel at peace."
Luyanda's Story
"I found out the game is in me! The course really helped me understand that the ego is in the mind. I learnt how to be an observer and choose to not respond to it and listen to my higher self. I am more loving to myself and I now know I am responsible for my own happiness."
Dean's testimonial blocked out_edited.jpg
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Elzette ~ Profoundly personal and transformative. I was challenged, supported and made the kind of changes that created a whole new reality for me
Quentin ~ I suffered from severe depression and a history of drug abuse, failed relationships and a dead-end career. I was hopeless and at the brink of taking my own life. I knew somehow there must be another way I just did not know how. Through the process of Game of Life I was shown a simple formula, a set of rules if you will.  As a result of applying these rules, today I get to show up out of a space of love first and foremost for myself and because I get to show up this way for myself, I get to experience loving relationships with those around me. I have shifted my perception from one of fear to one of love, which means I get to experience the joy of being. "Game of Life” has been invaluable in my search for the light.