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About The Group

Self-Love Practices

for Powerful Female Entrepreneurs

What does self-love have to do with business, you may ask?


So glad you did.

A lot.

If you wanna make an impact, that is.

You see, you can only give what you've got.

So if you've got value, abundance, love, and joy inside, you, that is what you will give and so create.

Do you want a consistent flow of $$?

Do you want freedom to do what you love and outsource the rest to 7-figures?


In a way that is sustainable, consistent and certain?

Then you gotta find it within yourself first.

What you have within nobody can take away from you. It is the only thing you can count on and it is the only thing with you your entire life.

When you get to know yourself, everythind you do in business, family and life will be aligned with your highest and best purpose and will therefore create more magic, joy, abundance and flow than you ever dreamed possible.

Let's turn on the tap to the power that exists within you.

Self-Love is not a luxury

It's a priority.

(especially for entrepreneur's

to impact with love)

10 signs you're struggling with self-love

🔌You feel overwhelmed, stressed or anxious

🔌You don’t have time (or money) for yourself

🔌You struggle with boundaries and people-pleasing

🔌You feel you’re not good enough; judged

🔌You struggle with self-doubt, self-esteem or insecurities

🔌You struggle with fear, guilt or shame

🔌You experience conflict in your relationships

🔌There’s frustration, irritation or anger in your emotions

🔌You’re looking for love outside yourself

🔌You feel generally unhappy and empty

With awareness for your authentic Self
Love is the key that unlocks the door to your…

💗 Radical abundance

💗 Radiant health


💗 Epic relationships

💗 Peace, joy & happiness

💗 Open heart & loving mind

💗 Freedom & flow

💗 Certainty & power

💗 Confidence & worth

💗 Value & esteem


This group is about sharing the tools and experiences to support each other in showing up for ourselves!

Self-love is the new relationship status. What's yours? 

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