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Get out of your own way with our £5 Fixes*

Discover how open acceptance can remove the blocks and frustrations you’re feeling in your life, work or relationships.

Are you feeling lost? Stuck? Stagnant? Are you tired of participating in uphill battle after uphill battle? Do you dream of an easier, more abundant, more joyful life?


These £5 fixes* are resources designed to help you.


Here you’ll find the tools, tips and bite-sized chunks of insight that can move you out of your own way and jumpstart a better path.


All you have to do is open your heart.

* Are they worth only £5? No 😜 They’ve taken years – decades, even – to design, craft, test and hone. But we want you to have them. They work. They do what it says ‘on the box’. So we’ve made them available for next to nothing. Because we can.
Discover Your Unconscious Agreements with Love & Fear

Ever felt stuck and frustrated that despite your best efforts, certain emotions, habits and patterns seem to linger? 


Discover your unconscious agreements with love and fear, with a method to form new, healthy agreements with love. 


A 60-minute talk with reflections.

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