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Most people only focus on developing their

careers, wealth, health and relationships

but we now know that there are so many more

areas to our lives that shape our

EXPERIENCE in this Game of Life. 

Getting back to your COURSE and PERSONAL PROFILE is as easy as LOGGING IN. 

Are you ready to PLAY?

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Do I have to 

be a student to have an account?

Not at All!

Come Play Anyway. 

Keep track of your favorite comments, post and more.

to the Student Portal

to your Student Portal Profile

Easily open your Student Portal Profile by clicking on the Account Button

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Open your account by choosing to use your:

Facebook | Google details or simply using your email address and password

Easily Log Into your Student Portal Profile by clicking on the Account Button and select 'Log In'. 

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Log in using the same option you chose during your Sign Up,  (Facebook, Google or via Email) to access your account profile. 
Shortcut: Top Right corner, next to Paqarina. 

Sign Up Today

When you are Logged In,
a drop down menu let's you easily and quickly access and manage your: 

My Courses 
My Subscriptions 
My Wallet and more.

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