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Hey female entrepreneurs!!

Here's a gift for you
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(Top secrets your ego doesn’t want you to know)

1. Your real Identity

Who do you think you are?

You know how when you were 5 years old the YOU inside you was the same YOU that’s there today?


You look nothing like you did when you were 5.


But YOU are still the same.


If I were to cut off your arm, your leg, your entire torso for that matter…


You would still be YOU.


Your ego would have a very different story about that!


But the YOU who observes would still be there.


Completely undisturbed.


This is where most of us go wrong.


We give the ego our power when we identify with his stories.




You are not your ego.


Think about that.


The recognition and acceptance of this is self-love.




The ego is simply a fearful state of mind.






By definition,


Not enough as it is.


But this is JUST A BELIEF: a thought in the mind.


If you are identified with it, you will experience conflict, because it comes from the part of your mind in conflict.


You experience it FIRST in the MIND: cause


And then in the world: effect


🔪Racing thoughts


🔪A sense that you are not good enough


🔪Like something is missing


Every emotional state that is not love, ends in pain and is caused by your belief in the ego’s story.


But this is just a thought in the mind.


The minute you question that thought, you disassociate yourself from it.


And you can look at it another way.


You are Love


Love is free



Only in your acceptance are you (ever) free!

The only constant in life, is change.


And with change, life is going to happen.


Whether we like it or not.


This is EXACTLY the problem.


Our decision that we like it... Or not.


You see, life happens (change)


Whether you like it. Or not.


Our attachment to what we like


Or our rejection of what we don’t like


Sets us up for failure.


Torture, really!


I mean, to place your bets in a world where the only constant is change, is madness!



🤍 Acceptance on the other hand…


That brings peace


Peace of mind;




Try to control the outside world…


And you SUFFER.




Accept what you cannot change, and you open your awareness to what is working for you, rather than to you.


This is a perception shift into happiness.



Practice this enough,


And you will experience a happy state of being


Here and only here are your freedom and happiness


Now you are disassociated from the roller-coaster of life’s guaranteed ups and downs.


How would that change your experience of life?

Here's the deal:


The doorway to freedom


Is your responsibility


By accepting what is

You take responsibility for the power of your mind and what you do with it.


The truth has set you free

We all do it.




Think about a time you were young and you lied so hard to protect yourself, that over time you yourself forgot you were even lying.


You forgot the truth.


That’s the problem with lying.


Every lie is a lie to ourselves.


That robs us of the opportunity to practice self-love


And apply the first two fundamentals


Which is really the practice of self-forgiveness

Self-love is the HONEST practice of the first two steps

Your Self-Love Practice

1. Identify your Self

2. Accept responsibility


🤍(Be honest)

🤍(Be present)

With Your Self

The truth has set you free

Can I Honestly Accept Love Now mockup.png

4. presence:


The ego does not exist in the NOW

Love is not an emotion.


Please read that again 👆


We wanna make sure you really get that!


Romantic love was made up by humans


In the era of knights in shining armour.


It’s fiction


That over time


Has distorted our perception of what love really is.


Love is a state of being.


The highest vibration of energy that exists. It connects all of life.



The portal into that state of flow


Is through the NOW moment.


The present.


The more present you are in the NOW


The more you lift your vibrational state to Love.


That’s how you work the Law of Attraction…


Not by controlling what your ego wants to "manifest".


You attract it by becoming what you are




And lifting your vibrational state of being to love (where you are)


In the NOW.




Love is NOT coming.


You cannot lose it.


It is not found in anyone or anything outside yourself.


It cannot be bought.




Or bargained for.


You accept it



Or it eludes you.



Your self-love practice

The truth is simple.


But there's a reason not many truly experience it.


It's not easy.



The 4 FUNDAMENTALS of a self-love practice will truly set you free.


But there's a condition.


It's a practice.


Think of it as a 4-legged stool.


You must have all 4 legs, equally strong for it to stand.


Same with these fundamentals.


All 4 must be in place for self-love to stand.


If one part doesn't show up, the entire stool collapses.


Maybe it sounds tough, but it’s really not.


Love is your destiny.


What is your destiny cannot be difficult.


You can delay it and make your life hard by believing your ego.


But you cannot fail.


Our only question for you now is, are you ready to take the responsibility to LOVE YOUR SELF NOW?

We help women experience peace of mind through self-love in 90-days

Self-love is not a 'nice to have' thing.

It's essential to your overall success, happiness, health and well-being in the world.

The cost of not having it, is MASSIVE.

It holds the key to everything you've been searching for and more.

If you would like to talk to us about how to really apply this, and finally prioritise YOU


We'd love to connect with you.

Book a free 45 minute self-love introductory call with us (valued at $100) and let's show you what it could look like for us to work together.


🪫Signs your self-love is depleted!!


This program is for you if...


🔌You feel overwhelmed, stressed or anxious

🔌You don’t have time for yourself

🔌You struggle with boundaries and people-pleasing

🔌You feel you’re not good enough; judged

🔌You struggle with self-doubt, self-esteem or insecurities

🔌You struggle with fear, guilt or shame

🔌You experience conflict in your relationships

🔌There’s an underlying frustration, irritation or anger in your emotions

🔌You’re looking for love outside yourself

🔌You feel generally unhappy and empty

🔌Life is hard, painful and serious

Book your obligation free self-love discovery call NOW

Let’s talk about what it might look like for us to work together and support you in your practice towards authentic self-love


Authentic Self-Love is the key that unlocks the door to your…

💗 Peace of mind

💗 Joy & happiness

💗 Open mind and loving heart

💗 Flow and abundance

💗 Certainty and power

💗 Confidence and worth

💗 Value and esteem

💗 Freedom: emotional, physical and financial

P.S Love is an all or nothing thing. You either have it unconditionally or not at all


P.P.S Love is your destiny. Do you accept it NOW?

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