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6 ways to get INSTANT relief

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Experience RELIEF from your ANGER and STRESS in 60-mins. Guaranteed.

This is Cutting Edge Stress Relief &
Anger Management Therapy

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🔥Are YOU that angry person?😕

🔥Are you emotional or do you find it hard to control your emotions? 🧐

🔥Is your anger hurting you and your loved ones? 💔

🔥Do you feel stuck in your frustration and resentment?

🔥Irritated by the way things are but unsure how to stop
pushing people away?

Anger is like a force of adrenaline that totally takes over to control you 

And hurt those you love.

Are you sick and tired and want to learn how to control anger?

Would you like to reimagine your life? 

Find your purpose and do things differently.


keeping you drained and tired


in your personal and business relationships

so you can HAVE
OAM Open Acceptance Method.png

Learn how to let go of the emotions and beliefs keeping you drained & tired, to give you more energy, clarity & flow in your personal & business relationships

" I find it hard to control my anger"

You are right  ✅ You can't control anger. Anger is destructive.
Nothing about anger is good for you,
the earth, or the people around you.

The only way to 'control' anger, (or any other strong emotion) is to let go of it.
Holding onto anger or any other negative emotion
Letting go is most effectively done when you get to the root cause of it and replace it with a new, powerful self-perception.


What are the BENEFITS of ANGER MANAGEMENT with our signature

💥 Let go of anger by breaking your addiction to it


💥 Learn how to be flexible and present, in the moment

💥 With resources to respond rather than react and how to manage anger

💥 Simple strategies for stress control and how to deal with stress

💥 Improve your mental and emotional health

💥 Experience happiness, joy and connection in all areas of life

💥 Feel calm and at peace with yourself

💥 Learn how to stop feeling lonely and build a relationship with yourself first 


💥 Experience AUTHENTIC love and connection in your relationships with loved ones

💥 Combat the effects of stress and ageing on your body with


"Will I have to talk about the past?"

😴 No. We don't believe in stories. It is totally unnecessary to go into the detail of something that was a misjudgment to begin with. What is needed is forgiveness. Self-forgiveness, or
Open Acceptance, to be more accurate.


If you want
you must first empty it of the BS
💩 belief systems 💩
that block you experiencing
love & happiness NOW


Elzette ~ Renier's method is profoundly transformative. I was challenged and supported to let go of my anger and was able to make the change that I needed to create a whole new reality for me. Today every part of my life is different and I am so grateful to Renier for his profound work.


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Hide and Seek

11 Signs You Need

💣You’re feeling emotionally triggered and don't know how to control your anger

💣You're experiencing strained relationships

💣Silly arguments

💣Out of control emotions

💣Feeling empty inside

💣Struggling with burnout and other effects of stress

💣Feeling depressed - I feel so lonely

💣Suffering from imposter syndrome

💣You cant sleep at night 😴

💣💔Your loved ones are hurt by your anger 

💣PTSD symptom

Imagine what another
1-year…  10-years…  50-years
will look like😳😳😳
with the same limiting beliefs,
emotions and behaviours
you have now.

"I've been in therapy for my anger for 10 years. It's a process, that takes time. Like peeling an onion 🧅"

Um... or not.
When you do it our way, at least.

We show you how to use your subconscious mind to let go at the root of the emotional charge, to eliminate the entire chain of repressed emotional charge along with it.



Mental peace and happiness follow quickly once the CAUSE of your anger or other emotional stress has been let go.


Quentin ~ I suffered from anger and severe depression and a history of drug abuse, failed relationships and a dead-end career. I felt hopeless and at the brink of taking my own life. I knew somehow there must be another way I just did not know how. Through the Open Acceptance Method I was shown a simple formula, a set of rules if you will.  As a result of applying these rules, today I get to show up out of a space of love first and foremost for myself and because I get to show up this way for myself, I get to experience loving relationships with those around me. I am free of anger and have shifted my perception from one of fear to one of love, which means I get to experience the joy of being. Renier has been invaluable in my search for the light.

Stress management and managing anger issues 😡

is EASY when you correctly identify and release the
root CAUSE of the emotion.

Cosmic Sky

Allowing the whole chain of repressed emotional charge
to be released from your subconscious mind.

Instantly free up your energy
To HEAL and give life back to YOU.  

Our successful anger management strategies
deal with the underlying CAUSE of the
negative feelings and emotions
AND equip you with the TOOLS
to deal with anger
when it comes up




Renier Jooste is a certified Master NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Firewalk Instructor, 🌬Breathwork Facilitator, and Strategic Intervention Mediator. 

He is a plant medicine facilitator, energy practitioner, soul purpose intuit, human behaviour specialist, 🎤speaker and

published author📕 with

2 decades of experience helping his clients release blockages, patterns and cognitive behavioural therapy to open up and bring awareness and intention to their purpose and awaken to love.

Open Acceptance Method, OAM

Today Renier has teamed up with his partner Kathryn Woolf where they live, teach and practice their unique formula for awakening, the Open Acceptance Method (OAM).

The purpose of Renier's practice has always been

his own healing.


Showing (not telling)... because people don't listen.

In his practice, Renier shows you how to love, and then how joy and happiness are love’s pleasant byproduct.

All that is required from us is to stay present.

To practice presence, we must first release the emotions, beliefs, self-judgements and heaviness that keep the mind busy and block the heart from opening to the flow of love that is already within it - in the present.

Renier shows us how to take responsibility to heal ourselves first, and how when we do that, the outside heals along with it.

They say a journey of a 100 miles starts with a single step…


That I have found to be absolutely true.


For a very long time, I felt lost and the only thing I knew was that anger and alcohol ran my life.

I could not see myself without it. I have tried so many things but I could not get myself to finally let go. Alcohol gave me everything I thought I needed.

But I lost all self-esteem, self-respect, I lost my morals, my voice and I can go on about everything I had lost because I made alcohol my everything.


I met Renier a few years ago and had a meeting with him. He hold me that if I attended his 3-day course I will walk out a different person. Well, my first thought was it took me 30 years to mess my life up, how is he possibly going to ‘fix’ me in 3 days?


However, I decided to go in wholeheartedly and with an open mind.


It was an amazing journey which completely turned my life around.


I have been sober and anger-free without any relapses for over 4 years now. I got back everything I have lost and so much more. I missed the sober me so much while I was an active alcoholic and be honest, I never did get her back… what I did get back was a person I never thought I could be… so much better. I adore the person I am now. She was hidden for so very long.


The tools I was given by Renier is priceless and I am eternally grateful for all the time, energy but most of all love he gave me when I couldn’t even love or like myself.


These are my license photos from before and then a few years after… I don’t just see the difference, but I feel it every day.


I am…


Natasja Grateful Van Der Merwe"


Nataja's Story

The Open Acceptance Method


Today Renier and Kathryn live, practice and teach their signature formula, the Open Acceptance Method (OAM), both online and around their home on the beautiful Southern Peninsula of Cape Town. 

OAM is way of living in a vibration of acceptance in your MIND, and in alignment with universal laws, open to the flow of life. 

The method is made up of a combination of modalities, tools and techniques used in a unique way to raise awareness and break mental addictions undoing the destructive programming and repressed blockages stored in the

subconscious mind.

OAM Open Acceptance Method.png


When applied consistently, this is a formula for outsmarting the ego, building mental clarity and fast-tracking the awakening process.



We use Neuro Linguistic Programming to align the conscious and subconscious mind for best health, energy and vitality and as a practice in taking control of our thoughts, habits, behaviours, beliefs and patterns so we can experience true internal freedom



We use hypnotherapy on a subconscious level throughout our work as a tool to greater enhance the cognitive linguistic process, bypassing old patterns, habits and blockages to install new powerful, positive commands into your subconscious mind.



Deep diaphragmatic breathing does something REALLY important for your mental health. It feeds the mind the oxygen it needs to support mental clarity and emotional openness, which of course translates into physical health.



Mediation is required when

2 sides are not in agreement. Sometimes (in fact very often) the parts that are in conflict are INSIDE us. In order to mediate, one must first LISTEN and so we practice being aware of and listening to ourselves to connect with our own internal guidance.

Body Language


Communication is only 7% verbal. The other 93% is made up of (mostly) subconscious cues known as body language and microexpressions.


93% is a lot of unconscious ways for the truth to be shown to someone paying attention. 

Strategic Intervention

We practice strategic intervention with ourselves, by being disciplined in our practice of self-honesty. This gives us the ability to self-regulate and

self-intervene by bring conflicting parts into alignment.



To change we must become conscious of our unconscious behaviour conditioned into us from childhood, and then remember we have a choice. Human behaviour shows us the pattern and gives us opportunity to change and show up differently.



Understanding our needs as humans and taking full responsibility for fulfilling them ourselves, rather than expecting others to do it for us is our graduation into spiritual adulthood and is the first step in freeing ourselves from our attachment to the world. 

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