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Another way

We think we know what happiness is and how to get it. But how happy are you really?

conscious leadership
another way


There is

Another Way

To Live, Love & Do Life

This post Covid "normal" has taken from many of us and brought unexpected challenges into all our lives.

No one has been exempt from these troubling times.


The air is thick with discomfort:

fear, confusion, anger and conflict

is experienced all around us.


Every aspect of our lives have been shaken up.

New routines, longer hours, lost purpose, sleepless nights... not to mention the ‘to be or not to be” vaccination decisions.


It’s a lot to deal with. Even the strongest of us are taking strain.


The Course
Girl Reading and Laughing

You cannot control the world outside

No matter how hard you try.

Yet, you are NOT as POWERLESS as you might think.

You have a GREAT opportunity to transform your life.


On the other side of your simple decision is


YOUR new life filled with the EXPERIENCE of effortless ease, abundance, FLOW and joy.

We'd like to show you another way

Would it help you to experience your day with less anxiety, worry, conflict and fear?

What if we could give you the formula?

A formula designed to show you how to experience life with more purpose and intention.


Would you take it?


Make the choice to change your experience.

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We help conscious leaders
to let go of their egos
and experience true personal power

Lead yourself first.

Enough with the information.
Knowledge without action is worthless.
Its time to do something different.

LEt's connect

Book a time to talk to us and let's look at how we can be truly helpful to you.

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Learn the basics of the Game and how to play to WIN
Start Game of Life


Profoundly personal and transformative. I was challenged, supported and made the kind of changes that created a whole new reality for me - Elzette


Without a doubt at all I feel like a new and revitalized person!! I can apply my confidence and have a new outlook on life! I would personally like to recommend this work to  anyone. - Tim

"This course has equipped me with a very deep understanding of this “game” we call life and how to play it. I met Renier from Paqarina in October 2016 after I had reached out for help. I suffered from severe depression and a history of drug abuse, failed relationships and a dead-end career. I was hopeless and at the brink of taking my own life. I knew somehow there must be another way I just did not know how. I embarked on a journey with Renier and he showed me how I can play this game to win. I was shown a simple formula, a set of rules if you will.  As a result of applying these rules, today I get to show up out of a space of love first and foremost for myself and because I get to show up this way for myself, I get to experience loving relationships with those around me. I have shifted my perception from one of fear to one of love, which means I get to experience the joy of being. "Game of Life” has been invaluable in my search for the light - Quentin


Grateful for the experience! It has enlightened me at a level I would never allow myself to imagine. The power I have within myself is amazing! I am free of all the things that weighed me down. - Delia

I've attended many sessions with Renier and every single time, my life is changed.

Thank you guys so much - Janet


Today I’m a more positive person and believe for the first time in my life, in myself. I will recommend this to everybody, no matter what problem you have, big or small. It changed my life for the better. - Hanne

I feel like a whole new person. I now know I am in charge of my thoughts, my dreams, and my life. I have learned that things will never change if you keep doing things, and thinking, the same way.
All the tools given to me are effective and I apply them every day in my life.
Thank you very much! - Pam

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