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Letting go of fear to open your heart and lead with love

Leadership starts with ourselves.

Conscious leadership starts with self-love.

We can only give what we've got. If we've got fear in our hearts, that is what we will give.

If we've got love in our hearts, that is what we will give.

Most people think hate is the opposite of love, but this is a misunderstanding of the nature of Love. It is true that in the ego's world, love can be withdrawn at a moment's notice, and turn into hate. But this is not Love.

Real Love is completely unchangeable, unconditional and all-inclusive.

And what is all-inclusive can have no opposite, or it would not be all-inclusive.

This is our true nature; Love.

We are however completely capable of closing our hearts and denying who we are.

When we do this, we experience fear.

In this game, there are TWO worlds:

The World of Fear

The World of Love

Fear cannot exist in Love and Love cannot exist in fear. They are mutually exclusive.

Therefore, the golden rule is it is impossible to experience Love and fear at the same time. You either show up from a space of Love.

Or you show up from a space of fear.


Each world has 5 opposing sets of rules which you will experience in their respective worlds:

The World of Love

  1. Love is NOW

  2. Love is WITHIN

  3. Love is SUBSTANCE

  4. Love is FREEDOM

  5. Love is CREATION

The World of Fear

  1. Love is in the PAST or the FUTURE

  2. Love is WITHOUT

  3. Love is FORM

  4. Love is PUNISHMENT

  5. Love is DESTRUCTION

The practice of conscious leadership starts with leading ourselves away from fear, back to Love.

Practicing Presence to Open Your Heart

The first rule has to do with presence. In the World of Fear, the mind is not present, but rather stuck in the past or obsessed with the future. When this happens, your heart closes. Because we can only give what we've got, a closed heart gives fear.

When you increase your self-awareness to your true nature as Love, you will start to value yourself and treat yourself with respect. As you do this your heart will open and you will be able to lead from a place of power because you are no longer denying your true nature, your purpose or the strongest force inside you.

This is what it means to open your heart and lead with Love.

This is personal power.

This is self-love.

This is conscious leadership.

Want to know more? Connect with us and let's set up a free consultation to discuss how we can help you show up from a place of Love, and in your personal power.

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