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A Perception Shift Into Happiness

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

We all want to be better, happier, healthier. Not because life should always be happy, on the contrary, life comes with a whole spectrum of emotions. From grief to elation and everything in between.

Most of us believe that we can only be happy when we get that job, car, partner, and so on. There are a million different reasons to 'be happy when...', but at the end of the day, none of them work.


Because they always involve something outside ourselves being a certain way in order for us to be ok. And of course, this is impossible. We've now set ourselves up to fail; suffer.

We offer a new perspective: Happiness is an inside job.

Nothing outside of us can sustainably make us happy. Ever.

And... as nice as achieving these outside things may be, we do not need any of them in order to feel anything.

Including happiness.

This doesn't mean we shouldn't strive to enjoy our worldly goals and pleasures - quite the contrary - but it does mean we don't depend on them. We don't take life so seriously.

We're ok regardless; they don't affect us so much.

This is a game-changer. It gives us true power over ourselves and liberates us from our dependence on anything outside of us to make us ok.

Now what?

Our world demands a great deal from us to perform and to succeed. We face challenges on a daily basis. How then, can we just, be happy?

At Paqarina, we get enormous joy from showing you how you see your Self. By bringing your HEART and MIND into alignment, your whole being comes into congruency with your Self; your power.

You stop sabotaging yourself and diluting your energy. You learn to use your superpower skill of control in a way that serves you.

To control your self.

When we take responsibility for ourselves and change the way we behave inside, we can make a different choice. And when we finally do something different inside, our external world is miraculously transformed along with it. This is change from the inside out.

By bringing your HEART and MIND into alignment, you make space for the present moment to unfold in its perfection. Your whole self gets to show up to serve the moment in front of you. You get out of the way.

Once you really understand this, our favourite part is watching you delight in your own miracles.

Your part in this world is priceless. When you stop showing up for other people and start showing up for your self - in your power - the impact you will make and the joy you will feel is limitless.

And that is a perception shift into happiness.

Game of Life is an online program designed to show you how to get there. You will learn the daily practices to bring your HEART and MIND into coherence with practical tools you can apply to every moment a better decision must be made.

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