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How leaders use the purpose of fear

Purpose is everything

Leaders of every kind experience fear. In fact, fear is something every one of us experiences on a daily basis. Most times we don’t recognise it as fear, because of the plethany of different forms it takes.

But this is just a trick of the ego. A red herring, if you will.

Fear can take the form of:

  • the fear of success

  • fear of rejection

  • fear of failure

  • not being enough

  • not being (insert anything) enough

  • fear of being seen

  • fear of love

  • fear of (insert anything)

Fear always has just ONE purpose: to keep you away from love as your true nature. Love ONLY exists in the present moment. Fear ONLY exists outside the present moment (in the past or the future).

Love is the absence of fear, and fear is the absence of love. They are mutually exclusive and cannot be experienced at the same time. In the World of Fear, there are two types of fear (and only one of them is needed):

  1. Programmed fear

  2. “Real" fear

Real fear is life-threatening: like when a lion chases you or you find yourself in an armed robbery. Programmed fear, is fear that does not exist. It comes from a belief installed in your subconscious mind from childhood or other significant events in your life. Your attachment to this memory means you carry it around with you, day in and day out, draining your energy. It's then used by your ego to attack your mind with fear, shutting your present reality off from your awareness. In our course Game of Life, we go much deeper into the games of Love and Fear and why the outcome is always the same. But in short, love always ends in creation, and fear always ends in destruction. The door to both, begin in time. Either in past or the future if you’re in the World of Fear. Or the present now, in the World of Love. We’re so programmed by the World of Fear, that we’ve completely bought into its punishment and reward system, which was created to serve the purpose of fear. Once fear is experienced in the mind, your reality is blinded to you and your belief that you are not enough as you are latches onto your life force, further draining your energy and causing a host of physical and emotional problems including:

  • feelings of low self-esteem

  • judgements of others and ourselves

  • feelings of not being enough, not having enough or not being good enough;

  • feelings of being unworthy or undeserving

  • self-criticism and criticism of others

These are all signs of low self-value, which is the result of abandoning ourselves in the present moment. Yet, no matter how it looks, the purpose is the same and therefore the result will always be the same: destruction. And the cycle repeats itself in a different form. Over and over again. Until you break the pattern and choose again: Lead yourself back to love

Ask yourself, is this true?

The key is to be present, where fear does not exist. A great way to come back to yourself when your mind is under attack, is to ask this question, ‘is this true?’ The answer will always be no. But sometimes, the voice of ego (fear) is louder than truth, and we need to ask the question a few times before arriving at ‘no’. But arrive we will. Truth is true no matter what, otherwise it would not be true. Love is all-encompassing no matter what, otherwise it would not be love.

Remember to breathe:

Another great tool to bring yourself back to the present is through the power of diaphragmatic breathing. Your mind eats oxygen. When you do not feed it enough oxygen, it consumes itself, resulting in an incoherent mind, or thought, after thought, after thought.

Deep conscious breaths into the core of your stomach brings you back to the present moment, as well as feeds your mind the oxygen it consumes so there becomes more space between the thoughts in your head. In other words, there are more times where you are present, in the now. This is the work of the Conscious Leader: to change their mindset back to love, which is peace, and be a demonstration of what is true. We show leaders how to become conscious of their mindset so they can create more personal and financial freedom for themselves and those around them. If you would like to talk more about how you can show up for yourself first, we’d love to talk. Use the link to book a free consultation for us to connect

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