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To Give is to Receive

It seems quite obvious that we can only give what we’ve got. At least, in this world of form.

If someone were to ask you for say, $100, and you’re flat broke, then it’s quite obvious that you can’t give them $100.

However, what may not be so obvious is that this also applies to your emotional and mental state of mind.

It's February. Let’s look at love.

You want the world to love you, in fact, you probably expect certain people to love you. These same people also want the world to love them, and even expect you to love them.

However, do either of you have the love you seek, in order to give it?

You can see how this cycle may be destructive?

Do you have a practice of self-love?

There is another way:

Consider life is a game. A battle of two worlds:

The World of Fear

And the World of Love

The golden rule is these worlds are mutually exclusive. Their realities are the complete opposite of each other and they cannot exist at the same time.

These worlds have rules. When you step into a world, you automatically fall under its jurisdiction, and you will experience its outcome: destruction or creation.

Destruction is the result of a mind not present, in chaos: fear

Creation is the result of a mind present, at peace: love

Let's look at the mind for a moment:

The subconscious mind is like a super-human computer that effectively runs your life. It runs on a set of programmes installed in its operating system. These programmes are largely installed during your formative years but are also updated with the consistent thoughts, patterns, habits and behaviours that you consistently choose.

The subconscious mind takes everything personally. It knows no difference between you and anyone else. That means it doesn’t matter who you are talking to, the subconscious mind takes it personally and gives you more of that. What you think, you give to yourself.

If the programmes installed in your subconscious mind are fearful, this is what you’ve got to give.

If the programmes installed in your subconscious mind are loving, this is what you’ve got to give.

How to take responsibility for what you give and change what you receive?

You have 6 core human needs. 2 of them are needs of the soul, which we won't talk about now, 4 of them are personal needs:

  1. The need for certainty

  2. The need for uncertainty or variety

  3. The need for love and connection

  4. The need for significance (to feel needed, wanted and loved)

It does not matter whether it happens constructively or destructively, these needs will be met. If you do not have a practice of checking in with yourself, and giving yourself what you need, you will subconsciously (and likely destructively) take what you need from the world and people outside yourself.

Remember, you can only give what you've got, so if you give these needs to yourself, you get to share them with others. If you don't give them to yourself, you will play games with others, in order to take from them, and have your needs met.

That which you give, you shall receive

In this way, giving and receiving happen at the same time.

Your super-human computer mind is a powerful creator. That which you think about has an effect in the world. You cannot NOT create.

The question is, what do you use the power of your mind for? For destruction, in the World of Fear? Or for Creation in the World of Love?

Just remember, for there to be flow, there must be peace in your mind. You must be in the present moment. This is rule no 1. Get this right, and everything else falls into place.

That which you give the world, you give to yourself. That which you give yourself, you give to the world. This is why giving and receiving happen at the same time.

We help spiritual seekers who feel stuck on their journey to move from fear to self-love with another way to finally experience the freedom they've been searching for.

If this is you, please connect with us.

We're looking for 12 of the right people to start a group together for another kind of Valentine's Day: one where you put yourself first and learn what it means to truly love and value yourself.

Starting Sunday 13 Feb.

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