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What is love and where is it now?

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Most of us walk around in a perpetual state of ‘not enough’, seekers on an ever-illusive search for more. More money. More time. More health. More relationships. More food. More sleep. More alcohol…

But this feeling of needing more is a trap. We can show you if you’d like?

In this world, we call it the World of Fear, nothing will ever be enough. It doesn’t matter how much you have, you will always be left wanting for something.

Have you ever noticed that when you have this desire for ‘more’, you are no longer in the present moment? You’re stuck in time: either in the past or the future.

You know how Einstein said, you can’t solve a problem from the same level of mind that created it? Your mind caused the problem, so to solve it you must choose another way: your heart.

We call this the World of Love. In this world, everything is enough, because in this moment, you have all that is.

The golden rule of these 2 worlds is you cannot experience them at the same time. You either think with and experience fear, or you think with and experience love. Never both.

Once you shift your thinking from Fear to Love, the rules of the game (your experience) change:

Rules of Fear:

1. Love is in the past or the future

2. Love is outside of me

3. Love is form (someone or something)

4. Love is punishment

5. Love is destruction

Rules of Love:

1. Love is now

2. Love is inside me

3. Love is content (no-one or no-thing)

4. Love is freedom

5. Love is creation

This is why looking for love outside yourself will never make you happy and will always end in destruction.

The minute you look outside, you are lost in time. Love is never coming.

Love is now, or not at all.

The minute you leave the present moment (perfect peace in your mind), you have left the World of Love and are now experiencing the World of Fear.

From this vantage point, you will never solve the problem.

What does it really mean to love yourself?

Before we talk about loving yourself, let’s show you another way of looking at the problem.

In this game between the worlds of Love and Fear, there are two versions of you. Two identities:

Rule 3: form or content

One in Fear (form)

One in Love (content)

Now we can talk about loving yourself.

How loving can it be to place yourself under the law of Fear? The law that always ends in destruction?

How loving do you think it is to see yourself through the eyes of the world; form (rule 3)?

How loving is it to yourself, to be caught up with the stories in your head, experiencing attack in your mind, fixating on the past, or fantasising about the future you’re trying to control? (rule 1)

To value yourself means to value the identity of you in the World of Love. Not to value the identity of you, in the World of Fear. When you really practice this, you will experience what it means to truly love yourself.

Love literally is another way.

As you are fully present in this moment and move out of your head, that is to say, move out of the stories of the past or future that you tell yourself in your head (rule 1), and move your attention to your heart (love is inside: rule 2), see past the form to the content of love (rule 3), which is all around us all the time, you are free (rule 4) to create (rule 5).

When you surrender to what is, and truly experience this for yourself, you will know unconditional love, and have this to share.

We can only give what we’ve got, so only the love we give ourselves first, can we share with the world.

There is another way to do life. A way that is free, from the inside-out.

Does this message talk to you? We’re just getting started. Let's talk more.

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